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Physio One Health Clinic

A complete website for Truro based Physiotherapy clinic.

Getting back on your feet after an injury is a great challenge–which is why at Physio One Health Clinic in Truro, they’ve dedicated to providing you with effective treatment. Their methods will motivate and actively support you, while allowing you to increase your mobility and move towards your rehabilitation goals. Their objective is to restore your strength, flexibility and functionality through an active and positive approach.

Positive Prints

A complete website for Dog training focusing on therapy dogs.

“I started training dogs because I had a “problem dog” myself and needed some help. My dog didn’t listen, I thought we were doing okay, she knew how to sit and lay down and maybe a trick or two but she jumped on the counters, would eat anything possible, and she barked, a lot! I found trainer, Yan Mowatt in Truro, Nova Scotia, worked really hard with my dog, and she loved it! My dog and I bridged our communication gap and she finally understood what I was trying to say and became a much better behaved companion. I transformed a dog that rarely listened (because she didn’t understand) to a dog that starting winning every Rally-Obedience show she entered”.

Sara Bonnyman Pottery

A complete interactive website for artisanal pottery and rug hooking based out of Tatamagouche, NS.

Welcome to my world of handmade functional stoneware pottery and hooked rugs. Sara has a passion to throw pots and she shares the age old belief that the true joy of handmade pottery is in holding it, feeling the spirit of the clay as it holds for whatever small pleasure you have chosen to use the pot. Dinnerware, ovenware and, of course, the famous Moss Scuttle are designed for practical, every-day use.  She ships worldwide.


Untitled-1Bridges Institute

A complete interactive website for a counseling group located in Truro, Nova Scotia.

Bridges is a domestic violence counselling, research and training institute. Bridges offers men and their families services to address issues of violence in their relationships. The Institute uses an approach that integrates narrative therapy and restorative justice. Bridges offers individual, group, couple and family conversations.


Untitled-2Canadian Domestic Violence Conference

A complete interactive website for a Canadian conference.

The Canadian Domestic Violence Conference 4 will showcase the grassroots initiatives that are happening across the country to address intimate partner violence.  The presentations will be made by community-based groups as well as academics and government agencies. Some of these organizations include women’s shelters, Partner Abuse Response (PAR) programs, probation offices, victim services offices, counselling centres, children mental health workers, child protection workers, addiction counsellors, private practitioners. The focus of the conference will be on both helping individuals dealing with domestic violence and challenging the social determinants of domestic violence.


mightyminiMighty Mini Excavating

A complete interactive website for a Excavating Company located in Truro, Nova Scotia.

Mighty Mini Excavating is your prime location for all your landscaping and excavating needs! With over a decade of experience in the industry it’s owner and operator Cory Pratt is eager to help improve the your scenery whether it’s a rock garden or a water draining ditch no job is too big or too small! Another fantastic service is from our machine shop where any number of special attachments or machine parts are are only an order away! Take a look through our extensive site and see what we can do for you!


roopsRoops Cleaning

A complete interactive website for a Dry Cleaning Company located in Truro, Nova Scotia.

“Over the past two decades Roop’s Cleaners has built a mat rental segment and linen service to compliment the uniform rentals which provides service to many commercial outlets across the province. In 2009 sons Andrew and Jack assumed full control of day to day operations. The Roops’ continue to operate the business with their mission on providing the same customer service that proceeded them for 5 decades.”


oceansonicsOcean Sonics

A complete interactive website for a Hydrophone company located in Glenholme, Nova Scotia.

“With growing interest in the health of the oceans, and in using the oceans to produce energy, the need to understand and measure human effects on the ocean is rising. Measuring ocean sounds is becoming an important part of meeting new legislation introduced in Europe and North America intended to protect the oceans as development rises.Ocean Sonics makes a new class of product that measures ocean sounds and helps providegreater insight into those sounds, introducing you to a better way to listen in the ocean.”


Etcetera Fashion and Footwear

A complete interactive website for a retail business located in Truro, Nova Scotia.

“Etcetera Footwear and Fashions was opened in April 2012 by owners Mike and Jackie Lesser. Mike had been a integral part of the Margolians department store for 28 years and had accumulated over 40 years in the fashion retail industry. Since that long standing Truro based business closed it’s doors forever Mike realized that their was now a gaping hole that needed to be filled in Truro’s bustling downtown shopping district. He soon after opened the doors of Etcetera in the newly renovated former Margolian building on Inglis Street.”



Party Time Rentals

A fully functional website for a party materials rental store in Colchester county, Nova Scotia.

“Party Time Rentals is all about customer service and helping you, the customer, plan a successful party or event. Whether it’s a large wedding or an intimate dinner party, or a corporate event, let us help you with the finishing touches such as tables and chairs, linens and dishes, a barbeque or tent, centerpieces and lighting”



Sheep Producers of Nova Scotia

A complete site to help link Sheep producers across Nova Scotia.

“The mandate of the Sheep Producers Association of Nova Scotia is to promote and assist in the sustainable development of Nova Scotia’s sheep industry in the best interest of the members, and ultimately all Nova Scotians.

In addition to its own initiatives SPANS works co-operatively through representation at the Canadian Sheep Federation, the NS Federation of Agriculture Council of Leaders and many others.”



Nova Scotia Young Farmers

An active site used to keep Nova Scotian young farmers connected.


“To promote the exchange of ideas and to foster collaboration between the young and future farmers of Nova Scotia.”


André Myette

An in depth site used to feature André Myette’s art and various nerdy appearances and causes.

“André Myette is a Canadian born and raised graphic designer, independent artist and writer. His first published work is ‘Humbug!’ a graphic novel about the further adventures of Ebeneezer Scrooge in a steam-punk inspired London it was followed by ‘Horseshoes& Hand Grenades’ a black and white series of self contained stories. André currently resides in Truro, Nova Scotia with his girlfriend Jennifer, and two cats Presley & Klaatu.”